Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ok Seriously, Where is Audra McDonald on Private Practice?

I am not the only one asking. I typed it in google and the phrase come up by itself! Frequently searched. Her absence is very conspicuous in case the writers didn't know. I can imagine that it would be awkward for Naomi's (McDonald's character) ex-husband Sam and BFF Addison to be "a couple" in plain sight and within her presence. Personally, I can't stand Sam and Addison as a couple. It's gross. No, it is not an adversion to interacial couples. I would prefer someone not needy, neurotic and annoying like Addison. Sam and Charlotte would make more sense. Besides, everything in the world is wrong with your best friend sleeping with your ex-husband, especially if that same best-friend slept with her own ex-husband's best-friend. Wreckless.

Anywho, the Naomi character is intergral to the show. Or at least she was. As the season develops and pivotal things happen her absence becomes more pronounced. I wish someone would tell us what is going on. Is Audra McDonald doing a Broadway show?Is she pregnant? And the biggest question of all that everyone is she leaving the show? On Greys Anatomy, Izzie just left and never came back, but we heard about Katherine Heigl leaving from the media. In this situation on Private Practice, we have nothing. Grrrr!
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