Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mr. Ed Bradley : the Most Interesting Dog in the World

I have an incredibly interesting dog. He does not bark. Well, he can bark he simply chooses not to. Only once or twice a year. Bradley is far from a guard dog. He is a the size of a large house cat but completely terrified of them. He is scared of everything actually. Tall people, vacuum cleaners, large brown bags filled with groceries, thunderstorms... helium balloons. My husband often jokes about selling him and getting "something more useful"He is the by far the most interesting dog in the world. He is nosy as hell and sneaky. Bradley is not allowed on the couch. But quietly unlock the front door while entering our home and you can occasionally catch him hopping off the couch and running to hide.
Sneaky dog! He is the pickiest eater and hates for you to watch him eat. Bradley is by far the most interesting dog in the world if he were human, he'd drink Dos Equis.
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Friday, November 19, 2010

African Prints Are In!

And I cannot be more excited! Left and right I am seeing more and more designers featuring African or African inspired prints. What is so awesome is that a lot are just African fabric in simply sew in Western silhouettes. This is a great change on what seems to be an obligatory fish-tail/mermaid silhouette for West African women wearing traditional styles.

Zoe Saldana in Louis Vuittion

Gwen Stefani

Rihanna in Suno

What irks me is how people are paying hand over fist for things I have a drawers full of of! Boxing Kitten charges hundreds of dollars for a pieces I swear my aunties bring back from Nigeria for me as gifts. I would kill for those rompers they create out of ankara fabric. Now that I have a sewing machine...I will try and make one.

Fergie, Beyonce and Alicia Keys in Boxing Kitten

ASOS has some amazing pieces. They have a subsection ASOS AFRICA that is essentially, rompers, halters and dresses etc. made from African fabric. I just purchased a blazer from the UK based site that I almost died for. I am seeing a lot of this trend coming out of the UK too. Darn Brits! If they would only let me order from H&M online...

Korto Momolu always stays close to her West African roots with her runway designs. Everything is clean, yet bold sophisticated and African inspired. I would wear anything she put together.

To see more celebrities wearing African styles check out Madame Noire

Or you it! Here's to hoping this trend lasts. There a big Indian inspired trend 5 or 6 years ago and that lasted awhile. Africa can use the boost and I would LOVE to give all the clothes I have in my drawers a run.

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Who divorces over sexting?!?

I mean, to each his own... but if you are going to spend millions of dollars on a wedding and call all your family out to watch you recite vows that include "forever" and "always" I wouldn't think sexual text messages would make you divorce.

Now break up. Yes. If you were boyfriend and girlfriend and not legally bound (children are legally binding in case you were wondering) sure. Disappointment sucks, but it's marriage and this means you made a promise to stay in spite of a lot of unforeseen circumstances.

So dissolves marriage over sexting!?! Well, when actual cheating has gone on in the past-when there are is a "you were sending nasty texts to our friend instead of being there when I needed you most" present-when it is really the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Bigger question is who's friend boldly tells the media intimate details about the situation. Geesh Mario Lopez!
[Image via Huffington Post]
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No more Waity Katy!

Well, I am terribly excited about the Prince William putting a ring on it! His mother's ring at that! Whew! Eight years (or 10 I have heard) and Kate was actively...waiting. No job, no career... just waiting to be royalty. Well ta-da! Good things come to those who wait. Patience of a princess! I like Kate Middleton.

I like her (as much as you can like someone you don't know at all) because she is cute and looks rather normal. I hear she is middle class girl with no real royal background. Now I don't know what type of middle class girl would be mingling with the queen and her sons so I question just how "middle class" she is. Nonetheless, she super adorable I love her clothes and her make up is always so nice. Sets off her cheek bones.

Makeup and clothes may sound frivolous but I clearly have nothing else to go on. Not like she is some outstanding accountant or anything--cause again she didn't get a job. But she has a big job ahead of her. Princess Diana had the heart of many and was very philanthropic, so I am sure everyone has big expectations of her. No one more than her husband-to-be. You know how men love their mothers.

[Image via]
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ok Seriously, Where is Audra McDonald on Private Practice?

I am not the only one asking. I typed it in google and the phrase come up by itself! Frequently searched. Her absence is very conspicuous in case the writers didn't know. I can imagine that it would be awkward for Naomi's (McDonald's character) ex-husband Sam and BFF Addison to be "a couple" in plain sight and within her presence. Personally, I can't stand Sam and Addison as a couple. It's gross. No, it is not an adversion to interacial couples. I would prefer someone not needy, neurotic and annoying like Addison. Sam and Charlotte would make more sense. Besides, everything in the world is wrong with your best friend sleeping with your ex-husband, especially if that same best-friend slept with her own ex-husband's best-friend. Wreckless.

Anywho, the Naomi character is intergral to the show. Or at least she was. As the season develops and pivotal things happen her absence becomes more pronounced. I wish someone would tell us what is going on. Is Audra McDonald doing a Broadway show?Is she pregnant? And the biggest question of all that everyone is she leaving the show? On Greys Anatomy, Izzie just left and never came back, but we heard about Katherine Heigl leaving from the media. In this situation on Private Practice, we have nothing. Grrrr!
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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Isn't this interesting?

Doesn't Chris Wallace from Fox News look like Sheldon from the show "Private Practice"? I watched him on "The Daily Show" literally could not tell the difference for a while. Wallace might have better hair. Maybe.
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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Sink Scott, Please!!

Oh my goodness. Florida state political scene is a zoo, (while California is probably a circus show). It has been the most expensive and down right nasty mid-term election in a long while. The current governor forfeited a sure bet at a second term as governor to run in the U.S. Senate race. I'm sure he thought it was a good idea at the time given the political climate, as he had his eyes on the presidency and saw the trend leading towards senators. My how things change so quickly!! He ends up being ousted from the Republican party, running as an Independent and ultimately losing the election. Kendrick Meek, the Democratic nominee actually won more votes than originally projected. Possibly sympathetic votes due to the rumor that Bill Clinton asked him to drop out of the race. Now, we have Marco Rubio who is waaaaay to conservative for me but I can live with that. He now no longer directly impacts state policy (he is a current Florida state legislator). It is Rick Scott that I am worried about!

The Florida gubernatorial race has been interesting indeed! In a race that was sure to be one between our Attorney General Bill McCollum and current state CFO Alex Sink, we are going over-time a with less than 1% advantage of Rick Scott over Alex Sink!! Are you kidding me??
Both Rubio and Scott are Tea-Party favorites and Scott is gong-ho over trimming government and reducing government expenditures. Um, I work for this said government in an area where they are constantly trimming and is the greatest state expenditure. Medicaid. I don't see how his camp is chants how they are going to create jobs when they are sure to cut those of state workers.

Praying for an upset in over-time. It is Wednesday 11am, the election is way over. I guess Florida is poised to have some election drama every 10 years.
*Update* Alex Sink has conceded. AND my congressman Allen Boyd (for 13 years)was ousted. I'm preparing my resume/CV now.
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