Monday, May 03, 2010

From "I Will" to "I Do" Part 2- Procrastination and Weight Loss

It is a little more than 4 months until my wedding and there are a slew of things that I have not done yet. I will not say what they are because I am a bit embarrassed. But mainly they're the do-it-yourself projects that I---the frugal bride now wish I had simply paid someone to do.

I have however, chosen and ordered my wedding dress. It has been at the bridal salon for two months. I have not seen it or tried it on. Nope. I gotta lose weight. Sure I arguably don't quite NEED to lose weight. I am starting to resent people who question me about this"but why?" "come on, you can have a little bit of cake." Is there a bride that was not worried about her weight before her wedding? And why do people try to sabotage your efforts by being ever so persistent with that piece of cake!! I should lose weight because I was a bit ambitious with my gown sizing. I cannot face the disappointment of getting into the gown and it not ziping up. I can't face it.
Besides you can let the gown out but you can't take the gut in. Losing weight is a more efficient solution.
But as I drag my feet, that is one extra thing on the list of many that needs to get done.

And I'll get to it, I will. As soon as I finish this cheesecake. And after this weekend because it's my sister's birthday, certainly there will be birthday cake.
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