Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Putting Floridians Before Politics?

Great time to be a Florida Resident and a political junkie!

I had to checking in after the recent announcement that current Florida Governor Charlie Crist IS planning to abandon the Republican Party and run as an Independent for the Florida Senate seat. Once considered a shoe-in for the senate seat Crist is now trailing behind young Florida state legislator Marco Rubio who has become the darling of the party. Does he really believe that the inter-party squabbling undermines the potential for good Florida policy? OR does he really want to win, so bad that he would abandon the party that once considered him a front runner for the VP position in 2008?

Rubio's major appeal is his age (he's kinda a cutie, I admit) and his charge that Crist is not a true Republican. You know, basically since he hugged the President and vetoed a shiteous education bill recently. But has he ever been? No. First he's been referred to as a RINO for years. Second he is one of few Republican politicians I actually like, which should tell you something.

There are so many ways this can play out. As an Independent he may eat into the votes of the leading Democratic candidate, Congressman Kendrick Meek. There can be a play on young and new vs older and the same as Meek is also a relatively young man. Or it can be a play on the minority issue, Rubio being Latino and Meek an African-American. Despite Crist's Greek tan... he does not count as a minority. Or Meek could come out a serious winner from this... splitting the Republican vote preventing neither Rubio or Crist to gain a majority.

Pretty exciting. Can't wait to hear this come out of Crist's mouth when he announces it tomorrow.
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    Rubio!!!! *fist in the air* Love the site Chi


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