Friday, April 30, 2010

Awesome article: "How We Became White People"

Interesting title as the author, Christian Launder admits to having always been white. Launder is the writer of the blog (And now Book!) Stuff White People Like (which you all know I follow) and a Canadian immigrant. He gives an interesting perspective on the new immigration law that passed in Arizona. But even better he addresses that such discriminatory legislation was once passed to keep Europeans out. The Jewish, Irish, Italian and Eastern European, "the Ethnic-Whites". But now they are they are absorbed into American society and appearance has a lot to do with it.

Fantastically well written. I am jealous.

Check out on here.

photo via CNN
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Putting Floridians Before Politics?

Great time to be a Florida Resident and a political junkie!

I had to checking in after the recent announcement that current Florida Governor Charlie Crist IS planning to abandon the Republican Party and run as an Independent for the Florida Senate seat. Once considered a shoe-in for the senate seat Crist is now trailing behind young Florida state legislator Marco Rubio who has become the darling of the party. Does he really believe that the inter-party squabbling undermines the potential for good Florida policy? OR does he really want to win, so bad that he would abandon the party that once considered him a front runner for the VP position in 2008?

Rubio's major appeal is his age (he's kinda a cutie, I admit) and his charge that Crist is not a true Republican. You know, basically since he hugged the President and vetoed a shiteous education bill recently. But has he ever been? No. First he's been referred to as a RINO for years. Second he is one of few Republican politicians I actually like, which should tell you something.

There are so many ways this can play out. As an Independent he may eat into the votes of the leading Democratic candidate, Congressman Kendrick Meek. There can be a play on young and new vs older and the same as Meek is also a relatively young man. Or it can be a play on the minority issue, Rubio being Latino and Meek an African-American. Despite Crist's Greek tan... he does not count as a minority. Or Meek could come out a serious winner from this... splitting the Republican vote preventing neither Rubio or Crist to gain a majority.

Pretty exciting. Can't wait to hear this come out of Crist's mouth when he announces it tomorrow.
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bloggy Break.

As you can see blogging is far and in between right now. But don't despair--in case you were---I will be back in full force shortly. The end of the semester is upon us. I am reading papers. Grading papers. Writing papers of my own. Giving exams. Whew! But the thoughtful criticism will be back in a week.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Removing Tattoos is not Gangsta is reporting what folks have been talking about for a while now, in addition to how lame he is. Fiddy is removing his tattoos because of his "movie career". Right.

You can still have a movie career and tattoos. I'm just upset he gave this whole gangsta, "I got shot 356 times and I'm still alive but I drive a bullet proof car" persona and did not fully commit to it.

There are kids with ruined lives because of him. In his transition out of the hood he is alienating the people who look up to him. I wonder if he gives back to the neighborhood while he's trying to copy the yuppies he sees everyday now that he has Vitamin Water money. Boo.

But really 50 cent can do no right by me.

Photo via People
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is Why I Still Believe in Capital Punishment

For some crimes locking someone up for the rest of there lives is just not enough. Raping a child is just as heinous as murder, in fact worse. All acts of rape, especially those under the age of 18, are bad. However the rape of a pre-pubesent minor is...

See, I have no words. I believe that this type of crime is just as evil as killing in cold blood. The act does not end though with a relatively immediate death, but a slow killing. Killing the child's self-esteem, ability to love (others or themselves) and killing their off-spring because those who have been abused as a child often abuse others.

The death penalty for the rape of a child less than 12 years old is a serious policy suggestion. The rinky-dink child molester list is not doing enough to save our children.

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Monday, April 05, 2010

Jill Scott on Black women feeling stung by Interracial Relationships: Part 2

In continuation of my response to Jill Scott's commentary on interracial relationships, in part 1 I stated that as bad as it sounds, it's true, the majority of black women feel a 'wince' when seeing a Black man with a White woman. It is not because they dislike interracial relationships as the "wince" does not occur when the situation is reversed. But Jill makes a poignant claim that there is a sense of betrayal and this is where I left off. I believe the issue is an issue of supply and demand.

I understand and share the feeling of betrayal. But I do not think that we as Black women are justified to dwell is such a place. Firstly, betrayal suggests an agreement, bond or contract in which she makes the argument that because of their shared struggle in history such a bond is implied. However, it is clear that any such contract between Black men and Black women whether expressed or implied has been breached. Do you continue to honor a contract when the other party does not? I am in support of strengthening the Black community and improving the relationship dynamics between Black men and women. But I am more in support of the improvement in self-image and self-value of Black women. So yes I believe that dating outside of your race as a Black woman is great.
Relaxing the issue of race, in part 1 I illustrated that I too experienced difficulty with young men with my own cultural background marrying outside our culture. The men did but the women did not though we all were strongly encouraged to. What is important is that there is a residual sentiment of inadequacy that is shared among the women that did not. I have heard young men say that they did not find women with our cultural background attractive and witnessed differential treatment to women who did not share their cultural background. I felt betrayed. There are women who worked hard, earned advanced degrees and never disappointed their parents--save for this one area. Now they feel like failures. How would one respond to that? Date outside your culture. Which I did.

What is most enraging is the "Black Man in America syndrome", symptoms includes difficulty in being exclusive with one Black woman and actually declaring "I'm a hot-commodity". What makes me angry is that it is true. The demand for this "successful Black man" is only because he is scarce and secondly that Black women restrict themselves to Black men.

"Well White men find you attractive" a friend said one day. Trust me they find you attractive too. Not All! Like not all Black men find me attractive. And in all my interracial involvements I found that the person who was most uncomfortable about race was me. I find that restricting ourselves to Black men 1. perpetuates feelings of inadequacy 2. Guarantees a number of Black women to be alone (or sharing a Black man, which is another post all together) because the stats just don't add up. This is more detrimental for the Black community for the Black women and perceptions of their value is something that we pass down to our kids verbally and through cues. And we best love ourselves by allow us to find the kind of love we deserve. Where ever we shall find it.

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