Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Erykah Badu: Creative or Socially Irresponsible?

Any true fan of Erykah Badu would expect nothing less than her video for her new single Window Seat. The video exhibits walking through a park her stripping her clothes off piece by piece until she is naked...then she is shot. This video can be interpreted in a number of ways. However, most simply we are often criticized most when we are honest and show who we truly are. The video ends with her saying that people assassinate what they do not understand. Sure, her being shot sounds a bit much but she is an artist that takes on social issues and I anticipate creativity.

What I did not know was:

1. This was not a production site but a real park with real unsuspecting by-standers and

2. She did not have a permit to shoot such a video or any video at all.

3. She is "shot" next to or close to where JFK was shot.


I am all for being provocative but first, there are laws. Let's not break them. Second, the JFK issue is a bit sensitive, but aside from the fact that there was no permit (geez!) then this is no different than any other musical artist making some sort of political statement.

Social responsibility suggests responsiblity for society and with the recent health care reform debate we know that a number of folks want that responsibility to be as little as possible. I say chillax.

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