Sunday, January 03, 2010

What?!? Nigerians are Terrorists Now?

During the break, Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, a Nigerian National decided that it was a good idea to blow up a commercial plane en route the U.S. Now this is obviously very unoriginal, but if you are going to do something like this you are going to want to do this right. I am not sure what I find more shameful, that a Nigerian has decided to blow up a commercial plane in the U.S. (I mean really? Why doesn't he just go invent the light bulb?) or that as close as he got to doing so was starting a fire in his crouch in coach seating.

Now, I am an American National, born and raised but I still feel a bit...disturbed. He is relatively a baby. He looks like someone who would hangout and play cyber combat games with my little brother. He is a graduate of University College London. This is like going to Brown, Dartmouth or Yale in the U.K. His daddy is stupid rich. His father being a "successful Nigerian banker" may not translate easily so let me help. I repeat, his daddy is stupid rich! Like one of the richest men in Nigeria. For those picturing flies in the faces of starving children, let me remind you that Nigeria is an oil country. The little boy's last known residence was in a multimillion dollar flat in London. What was your living situation like in college?? Stupid rich.

This is not your everyday (read: stereotypical) Islamic extremist.

This could add to why he slipped through the cracks. But his "stupid rich" father told the U.S embassy that he was worried about his son...why was he not on the no-fly list? And he bought his plane ticket as a cash purchase, this should be a big red flag While I am sure that we should take every bomb threat seriously, a little 23 year old rich Black Muslim boy with an ivy-league equivalent education is probably not on the priority list of National investigations.

And who is using a credit or debit card to buy a plane ticket out of Nigeria?? I mean, I'm not.

This may seem selfish but what disturbs me most is that the already don't let young men from Nigeria obtain visas to the U.S. Hell, we had trouble getting my grandma a visa once and she had been traveling to the U.S. for 20 years! They do not let young men from developing countries who are not little rich snots like Umar Mutallab into the United States. No, not even a visiting visa. The rationale is that if they come they will never go back. Because of this incompetent little snot who could only set fire to his Burberry trousers I will never be able to take my cousins to DisneyWorld.
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  1. Josephine L.8:43 PM

    I heard his mother was Yemeni. They don't seem to talk about that.

  2. I have a couple of friends who were born in Nigeria and raised in the US. It frustrates me that they may be treated poorly on account of this incident. Also, I didn't know his family was so wealthy- -very interesting.

  3. Anonymous5:48 PM

    They really should mention the fact that he is half Yemeni. This is really out of character for Naijas. They are usually much too fun loving and into attending parties and wearing lace to contemplate things like mass murder in the skies.

  4. This guy might even be more British than Nigerian. He has lived in Britain for years. Nigerian don't do stuff like that. No one would tell a Nigerian to commit suicide in the name of some religious glory. If you tell a naija boy to blow up a plane, he will want to know why you have not done it yet. May be the religious leaders don't like heaven.


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