Friday, November 13, 2009

Why is My Cousin Stalking Ryan Seacrest?

I just taught my class the concept of 'linked fate'. Coined my Michael Dawson, it is basically the idea that what happens to one member of your group somehow affects you positively or negatively. The best way to describe it is when a serial killer is finally caught and Black person is just praying that he/she isn't also Black (Yes, we do that). "Please don't let it be one of our own" is certainly the sentiment when something tragic goes on. As a Nigerian-American I have the additional feeling when there is some heist or international scam, "please don't let them be Nigerian". But this story really takes the cake. Of all psychos to be so easily entertained that Ryan Seacrest (of all people) would be the object of their pursuits, this dummy had to be Nigerian. Ugh! Not only is he Nigerian he's Igbo, my ethnic group. Are you serious? I'm so embarrassed and with a name like Chidi Uzomah I can't help but claim him. Only God knows why he was stalking Ryan Seacrest. It's not like his parents (if he's Nigerian-American) encouraged a singing career. Singing competitions aren't apart of the admissions process for med school, law school, etc. so... *Shaking my head* Come get my cousin please.

*Not really my cousin*
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