Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Angelina hates Barack Obama? Odd...

Angelina Jolie apparently hates Barack Obama. Hates. Hmm...

One would assume she was a lefty-liberal but apparently she believes that Barack Obama is a "socialist in disguise". The Jolie insider (backstabber if you ask me) told Us Weekly magazine “She’s into education and rehabilitation and thinks Obama is all about welfare and handouts". Based on what policies? The bank bailout was a Bush policy that was already in action when Obama came to office (Duh! Bush signed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act in Oct 2008) so... I am indeed an Obama supporter but what exactly has he done to date (domestic policy wise) besides push this health care reform bill. I am not saying this to be particularly critical of the president after all it is just year one. But for every one to get all bunchy in the drawers about him being a socialist particularly Miss-Rainbow Family? Chill Out. Ted Kennedy was a socialist, he said so. Now what? Dare you to say something bad about him.

They say she thinks Obama is all smoke and mirrors. Well, that still remains to be seen. I will tell you what all smoke and mirrors, Jolie's adoptions from developing countries. There are a number of children that need to be adopted here, on the streets of LA , in the rural areas of Louisiana blocks or miles from her home. Rather she establishes the new symbol of smug elitism, adopting babies from Uganda somewhere promoting Western cultural hegemony. Sure she and Madonna take their little exotic possessions back to their home country. However, little Zahara Maddox and David Banda in their little gucci loafers and Burberry scarves will not be able to develop a legitimate connection to a place in which those raising them too have not legitimate connection (example: David Banda inquiring about his father's nose and why his father was poor. I predict self-hatred issues in his teens. Put money on it.)

Anyway she's a smug elitist, who is uncomfortably skinny, constantly wears black and is terribly influential. That is scarier than any socialist.
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