Thursday, May 08, 2008


I haven't been on a date in a while. Blogging is the best way to deal as opposed to eating, of course. Since I've started working out eating has been less gratifying. I'm left with public confessions as a way to cope. So again I haven't been on a date in a while.
Wait, let me be clear. I haven't been on a date in which both parties were aware that the meeting was indeed "a date"... at the same time. I have recently been dating someone I was not aware I was dating. I have had a friendly meeting with an ex that I suddenly wished was a date. Once I was on a GOOD DATE but didn't realize it until the food came out. So of course being caught unawares and notably unprepared, I made the situation incredibly awkward. I really have to take the "L" on that one because the guy clearly took the date seriously. And you can't ask for a do-over...
There are tofu dates. An example of a tofu date is going out on a friday night with your brother, male cousin, best guy friend who is clearly happily married. Tofu dates are dates in which the chances of sleeping together at the end of the night, even under the influence of alcohol, are so slim that they are neglible. And keeping with the metaphors, I haven't eating meat in quite a while. *ahem*
Then there are tentative dates. You know, the ones that never happen. The ones I don't get my hopes up for but keep setting up. The logic behind this is if I don't I will have to admit that the possibility of going on a date is not in my control. I'm a decent looking woman in her mid-twenties. I should have some type of control, right?
So anyway I will round this out by saying dates may be over-rated I guess. Especially if you don't know when you are on them! Good sex is not however. Unfortunately I have long admitted my lack of control over that.
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