Thursday, February 07, 2008

Politically Exhausted

I'm a political news junkie, as they have coined it on CNN. Actually, I am a CNN junkie. I watch CNN all day. While I admittedly, am watching to catch TJ Holmes do breaking news through out the day...he is gorgeous...I'm a bit satisfied with being up to date on all the major happenings in the world. In the realm of U.S. politics however, the coverage seems to be geared towards giving the viewers an adreneline rush or even a heart attack. They comment about exit polls and surveys as if they were calling the World Series or the Super Bowl. "He has to win this state or he's out"They keep talking about momentum, campaign funds and lack their of, I'm freaking out and its not my money! It's "all or nothing", "winner takes all states", "Super Tuesday". I can't keep up! I have got to say I'm tired. Especially after Super Tuesday, I'm beat. Not particularly about the campaigning but certainnly about the media and their definitive commentary and their mea culpas later. Chill out! If CNN is not trying to sway the thoughts of their audience and not trying to influence the outcome they can soooo chill out and give TJ Holmes some more weekday airtime. It's hard to wait sometimes til Saturday morning.
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