Monday, February 26, 2007

Shiny Things

It must have been a dream. I, sitting on the couch suddenly compelled to leap. Leap onto the floor comprised of sand and water blue like the ocean and just as deep. There at the bottom laid what could be the most beautiful reflection of light. I am mesmerized. Bradley leaps first, though I'm unsure what prompted him and he paddles around. I still fixated on the reflection of light toe the surface then finally jump off the microfiber couch and into the lagoon that is my apartment floor. I believe the water was cold, I can recall the cool sensation as I navigated through what surprisingly became murky waters. From my couch I could see the depths of the lagoon, the color of sand and the beautiful reflection of light. I began to choke, water filling my lungs however still reaching, ever drawn to shiny things.

Foolishly I am always drawn to the glitter, the flash of a luminous smile and big personality, big name school and cars. I am captivated by shiny things. Dare I say that we all are. I yearn to reach them and then hold on tight. Easily entertained by the brightness of high ambition and the reflection of a rolex watch. Though I can't seem to distingush between a hand full of diamonds and a fist full of glass.

Much worse I haven't successfully appreciated subtlety. I've been blinded by the reflections of light, gazing so long that I missed that very reflection in the most honest eyes I've ever seen. I am at the edge of my couch choked, staring at my apartment floor, blurry eyed. Because before I jumped my hand was indeed full of diamonds. Blind, I didn't realize they were still in its ore.
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  1. I love the imagery in this post.

  2. Anonymous6:48 AM

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  3. Oh no! No No No! I was reading some of my old crap, stumbled on a link, and found this!?! Since, that was totally dreamy. (and great) I guess I have to start re-reading another gjoddang blog.



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