Monday, January 01, 2007

Til Death Do Us Part

I woke up this morning to a dull headache and the sound of my puppy I had just knocked to the floor. Bradley looked at me with forgiving eyes just before he closed them to return to sleep. Last night's Grey Goose however, was not as forgiving as the little Boston Terrier for my headache did not subside for quite some time. It was almost enough for me to resolve to stop drinking for this new year.

After a cup of coffee I quickly decided against it.

I thought of something else I had decided against, continuing this blog. What do you want me say? No really, what? My life is different now. I have different surroundings, I'm even trying my hand at this "real job" thing people make sound so serious. And to be frank, I became tired of whining. I really just got tired of being miserable. That part of me died. I had expected all of which came of her to have faded away with that of the past year.

But I will admit, that if I didn't whine about school, being broke and the tragic happenings of my love life (which I am happy to say does not exist) I was afraid I wouldn't have much to write about. Which is silly. I mean even with the passing of a music legend, former president and hanging of a tyrant, I couldn't say anything outside of "why do men refuse to take the condom wrapper with them to the garbage can? Why must you always stumble upon it the morning after?" Considering now that I only vaguely remember condoms, much less its functions I wouldn't have much to say on that topic either.

A number of things died last year, plants, dreams, heroes, grudges. But forth has come a new, fresh perspective. I'm going to celebrate this change. I guess it's still you and I.

Happy New Year!
Bring on year three.
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  1. Anonymous1:36 AM

    Thanks for posting asshole! :)Thought you died.


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