Monday, January 29, 2007

Sock and Whole Bottom-Panties

I wear bright yellow socks to keep me warm. I've worn these socks, knitted and long, three nights in a row. And after three nights I've been reminded of a forgotten fact. I hate socks. Bright yellow socks and cotton whole-bottom panties...and sweatpants on winter nights. I wake to my snuggle-happy puppy sprawled feet out, back against mine for three nights in a row, with a great deal of puppy hair in the morning. After weeks of appreciating the calm of routine, the comfortably of whole-bottom panties, and the apparent complacency of yellow house socks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights I have awoken Monday morning looking in the back of my top chest drawer for a pair of thongs.

I am reminded that I even have thongs, more than plenty actually, and that I have been wearing the same 8 pairs of undies for months. I am reminded that I sleep horizontally not only because I have a mound of tops needing dry-cleaning, journal articles and texts sitting at the foot of my queen sized bed, but to utilize its- always empty-guest side. So I have spent months wearing socks that I despise and a limited number of large yet comfortable panties, snuggled up against a dog... because I'm cold? I grab the first thong found folded in the top drawer and closed it shut.

"I guess I'm a little lonely", I say under my breath so that I won't wake Bradley. Immediately, I remove my yellow socks, knitted and long, and throw them in trash.
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  1. so i look in my feed reader and saw the word "Panties" under your title. So you KNOW I clicked as fast as I could. Double clickin' triple clickin'...damn computer froze...
    reboot...back online...back to feed reader...back to panties.

    and damn...

    no pic of any thong. I still luh u. even though you got a dog on my side of the queen. :)


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