Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Puppy Snores

My puppy snores in the middle of the night while I toss and turn. After washing his feeding bowl and cleaning the mess he may have made on the floor, after hearing him whimper for five minutes to be freed from his crate so that he may continue to gnaw on my beloved black leather sling-backs... he snores, audaciously. Bradley snores like that of an ex-boyfriend after we've made love who selfishly finished first, and only. He snores so that he often wakes himself from his nap letting out a sigh evident of annoyance, unaware that even he considers himself a jerk. And he is.

So I lie awake wondering if I must climb out of bed on a chilly January night to poke this 5 month old dog the same as I would the ex that snored. And just as I regret having this living, pooping, destructive little individual who is narcissisticly certain that everyone passing by wants to play with him and thinks he's cute, he awakes excited to see me near him. I pull him from his crate and lay him on the bed. He snuggles between my arm and leg placing his head on my lap looking me in the eye. He then yawns, complete with smacking, closes his eyes and falls asleep.

I forgot why he annoyed me. Love will do that.
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  1. That is damn cute!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. that lil black sucka's just a interim substitute for this big black sucka! :)

  4. Algie your other brother2:10 PM

    What are you talking about? Stop just saying stuff!

  5. Oh, Sincere.

    Something told me to go to my blog this late Saturday night and I found you had visited.

    Umph, did I miss you.

    This was a lovely post. Puppies make it hard for you not to love them, don't they?

    I hope all is well with you. Your voice seems different to my eye, yet still beautiful and engaging.

    I can't stay on long or I'll get back lost in blog world and I'm striving to put all my writing energy into my book so that it can be finished this year.

    We'll KIT :)

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