Friday, September 29, 2006

mind your business

Today I had the opportunity to truly enjoy my personal time. I stayed up just a bit longer after the Colbert Report and exfoliated. Very important indeed. In the past few weeks I have found a sense of stability that is quite freakish ... there has always been some sort of happenings and goings-on in my world. Though it is so refreshing. I find it is quite easy to get wrapped up in the gossip and drama of your surroundings. But just as easily you can simply step back and close the door. Just shut it. Can you hear my door slam?

I have always had a fear of shutting the door and never being able to open it again. So I have mended many friendships and relationships with the fear of losing, on missing out. But what happens if you finally just let that door swing shut? Dunno probably nothing. Eck! Excuse my rambling today.

I am appreciating how much more I have actually accomplished by minding my own business. I would REALLY appeciate it even more if others would do the same.
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  1. cosign. i don't know bout u. but at the j-o, it seems nobody can mind their own.

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