Sunday, September 24, 2006

Milk Jugs

"No use crying over spilled milk" they say. And I'm not. My eyes are puffy at the sight of all this dry cereal. Such cinnamon-frosted whole grain goodness and no enjoyable way of eating it. All this material and no means of using it. My ears still ring from the hours opportunity knocked repeatedly but I...I just couldn't reach the door. Standing steps away with my arms crossed behind my back? Maybe. Or perhaps I was too busy, dry-eyed cleaning spilled milk, eager to pour another glass and set the table for who ever was knocking. I believe it may have been both. I have been slaving in the kitchen for years, tied to the stove worried about the next thing cooking. The next thing coming, but still knocking over glasses.

"No use crying over spilled milk". And I didn't. I'd quickly catch the liquid before it would drip off the counter and hit the linoleum. No tears. But I began to weep over the broken glasses, and the slicing shards others would pretend didn't hurt... once turning over my palms to find it mutilated and scarred. I never looked at them again, but since always felt pain in my grip. Milk continued to spill and...

"No use crying over spilled milk," they'd say. Well, I couldn't. My scarred palms finally could reach the door. Opportunity stared me in the eye then sat down at the table, the table I stressed to dress, but was yet to set. In hurry I made a place setting. Opportunity had arrived and all I could serve was toast. Why? Because I ran out of milk. Unappeased, the door shut and left behind was the echoing message "get out of the kitchen because it looked as if you can't take the heat" As if I didn't have the fire. I have made mistakes but I always have that fire. I'll be back in the kitchen cooking something new. And trust me this time I'll have lots of milk jugs.
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  1. even tho i'm lactose, i still feel ya. :)

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