Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ghetto Loser (Reprise)

How many of us are really true to ourselves? Okay, if you were really true to yourself you would know that if you mentally raised your right-hand in response to that question...You are a liar. This is something that comes slowly. So I encourage you to admit your personal lies one by one. I'll go first.
I am not ghetto. I am an urban aspirer. My country-grammar, my down-south slang...all a lie. As a child my proper speech was often pointed out by my peers and listening adults. My immigrant parents emphasized the use of "queen's English", so really I am a grammar queen. I tried with all my might to sound cool. "That is so live!" I knew I was using the same words as every one else but I sounded like a dork. When I reached high school my ability to imitate the ghetto-sassy was nurtured by other middle-class girls like myself alienated by our use of proper English. I was able to wear my new found urban-ability like a magic Starter jacket allowing me to navigate through the halls of my south-side school (or inner-city, if you will) undetected. Like Harry Potter. Now I can pop my neck, roll my eyes and talk slick like the best of them!

What started as a personal joke has now become a part of me. It is the way I correspond with my friends. Especially my best-friends. The word "be" is a verb, noun and adjective in our vocabulary, indicating that no matter how progressive I am...I ain't never too far from da' hood.
But I admit it, I am not 'hood. I can't be 'hood. I had to have someone point out to me where the housing projects were in middle school. Free lunch? Well, considering I couldn't work at 13... Sure, I had free lunch, from my mommy. No not my mommy. I have no street credibility. I am not Ghetto Barbie. My father now wears my newsboy Kangol hat. My green-colored contacts and baby-phat jeans were purely functional. Green is my favorite color and Baby-Phat jeans were the only jeans that could fit my butt for $19.99 at TJ-Maxx. We all know TJ-Maxx exists only in Suburbia.
I am not a gangsta gyrl looking for a soldier with the highest baller status. I am a former urban aspirer and I am so grown-up now. There is no room for my polished "street" slang in the halls of higher academia and cocktails with city mayors. With that said... I can blast my Rick Ross with a clear conscience.

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  1. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Yeah man you did always talk proper.

  2. i gotta admit, im hood.

  3. Anonymous9:32 AM

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