Sunday, July 09, 2006

Because Blogging Twice a Month is Stupid

I am always writing about the "changes" that I have been going through for the um, past year and a half. However, in the past couple of months I have become a bit more stuctured about my the aspects of my life I would like to change. I felt like sharing, because I think blogging more often is on my list as well.

I would like to
1)Improve on Punctuality,Organization and Time Management...drastically.
2)Check my Email and Voicemail regularly....because I don't
3) can't budget $2.50 a month though
4)Prioritize...everything is a priority for me which also translates to nothing priortiy for me
6)Chill the f$ck out!...I am getting better.
7)Stop being a half ass...It's true.
8)Relax and
9) Drink more water
10)Stop taking things personally
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  1. i never EVER check the voicemail. :) people hate it. so i removed my vm completely from my phone


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