Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Shake It Off

Don't call it a comeback, "upgrade" is more appropriate. New car, new digs around the site, new beau, new shoes, fresh 'do and you know I don't play about my hair.

Much needed time was taken to collect all 97 marbles that I lost in the past two months... okay three months, but who is counting. Things just weren't right. My up was down, my down was up, and my side was on the other side. School was wrong. I think I had been in my office too long and the computer screen was making me dizzy. I sometimes saw the animated paper clip from Microsoft Word in my dreams, now that's crazy. My fantastic trip to
Las Vegas? I caught the flu. It was 30 degrees in March. There were snow flurries in Vegas, I tell you no stories. You know that ain't right. My pimp hand was slipping too, if you will. I lost my star player and started crying over the guy on the bench. The bench! What?!? And was so sick too. I was so sick over it I should have requested some days off, drank a whole bottle of Robitussin and stayed in bed. Just all wrong. Staring at the walls and sh*t...

After seeing how utterly ridiculous things had gotten I had to pull back. I had to admit that some things are just a part of the game. Life comes with risks, sometimes you lose, but it's how you take that loss that keeps you in the game for the next round. SincereCaramel is not a loser, so she is not accustomed to these "losing procedures". I don't lose. I have set backs, but I always win at last. I had to remind myself that things in my life always happen for the better. Even the bad. Now I could be a good sport and take that loss. Or after being served a large blow to the chest, shake it off and keep on running. I chose to shake that sh#t off.

So I have been Beyonce shakin' it and
Harlem shakin' it off for the past couple of weeks. The fact still remains that I have been set back in my life and my goals. And as much as I would love to point the finger, at the end of the day the name held accountable is mine. It is just me, my heart and my blog. I promise to stay sincere to all three and protect its integrity.

With that said I have counted all 100 marbles and am ready to go. I bought an extra bag at the dollar tree for backup, just in case I lose it again. At the store counter I recalled my bench-warming friend stating that creative geniuses are usually mentally unstable example: Mariah Carey, Howard Hughes. I grabbed my bag of marbles and laughed all the way to my Volvo S80. Well hell, I must be destined for greatness.

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  1. renee4:53 AM

    Yes!!!! Just my luck! I was taking a chance and lo and behold a new post! Good to see you back baby.

  2. Michelle4:08 PM

    Girl you are crazy. But you stay real. I am not leaving a comment again.

  3. i am glad you found all your marbles you lost...haha

  4. Anonymous6:24 PM

    "Well hell, I must be destined for greatness"

    Destined for F-ing greatness! Don't ever forget that.

  5. Yea, but I lost my marbles.

  6. Glad to have reached you with my last comment. You don't have to thank me, just return the favor when I lose my way. Great to see you back.

  7. happy that you're ok. but that short list of mentally unstable geniuses: Hughes, Carey, Man (as in zillaman). ;)

    chop chop yeah i'm back on the block!!!

  8. Brokkenhearted11:08 PM

    I love the MySpace page..straight to the top, luv!

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