Friday, January 13, 2006


"Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?" Don't because I swear to God you are the only one.

It was this past year that I realized that everyone isn't telling the truth. I know some of you all are going "duh, that's old news". But seriously, I realized I haven't beeen getting the whole story from anyone and everyone is getting the whole story from me. It could be as simple as "Hey Jill, how's it going?" "Oh everything is great SincereCaramel, I just bought a new car and my job is going pretty good. Oh and Jack, he is still amazing, sex is still amazing. We even went ring shopping the other day. He is so amazing." Then you find that Jack fell down the hill because Jill pushed him and Jill came tumbling after because well, Jill still wants to look like a devoted girlfriend/wife. You know the old saying "Stand by your man". And the sex is only amazing because they fight all the time. Make-up sex is like drunken sex, no matter how messy it's always good.

I find that I seem to answer these questions truthfully which makes me a...hmm let's see what is an all encompassing word? I am leaning towards "bitch-and-moaner" but "gullible puppy" works well too. I ifnd this not only about worldly material goods but particularly about relationships. Typical question, "How are you and Can't Have Him doing SincereCaramel?" And I will typically answer that perhaps we haven't talked in weeks and when we did it was through the increasingly impersonal text message and how he says he will call but never ever does. When I could say, "We're fine, just fine" . I haven't quite mentioned that he is no longer with the 12 year old he wouldn't leave for me. Yes, blog readers you remember Not-Beyonce' . I've know for months and have been dying to tell you. Nope he didn't marry the girl, no I don't known exactly what happened and I don't want to know. Do you think he may have told her about me? Nah. I'm sure he'd keep that a secret. Now he is seeing a WHOLE NEW person and is SO serious about her and is spending SOOOOO much time with her. I secretly want to gag when I hear it cause I know it's bullshit. But I won't tell him that. I don't know what is to become of him and his new girlfriend whom I will now endearingly refer to as Connie Chung. Endearing because it's all love there, trust me. Is this the one for him so I can move on with my life? Part of me wishes him the best because I know part of me is secretly waiting for him. So secretly that that part of me is doing it behind the "rest of me's" back. A part of me has always been a bit of a coniving bitch.

With that said how can one really have an open relationship when people really aren' Is it really reasonable to expect people to be open with you? You find that your best friend of 13 years has being doing drugs you never even heard of . But you tell her everything. How do you feel? All the more reason to just shut up. So when some asks 'how are you?' just burst into song like Big Gay Al and sing "I'm super. Thanks for asking!" That's all that's necessary.
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  1. Make-up sex is like drunken sex, no matter how messy it's always good.

    so true.. and i love you for it!

  2. For no reason I've taken to telling people "I'm gonna miss you."

    Bob will say something clever, and I'll say, "Bob...I'm gonna miss you."

    And nobody has anything to say. Sure it's a conversation killer, but it's a profound conversation killer.

  3. Anonymous2:16 AM

    I know honesty is not always the best policy. You can't put all your business out in the street.

  4. I think there is such a disparity between who people are and the person they want to be, they feel a need to lie. You even see it on many blogs. I'm much like you, although I don't tell everyone what is going on in my life - I am honest with my true friends and I'm always honest in my writing.

  5. hey there, I have a new site:

    I like this post, you ask great questions..People are guarded, we don't really want to take many risks, out of fear, of course. Mere mortals that we are, it is something we should work on.


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