Friday, December 02, 2005

Lessons of Life...or Just This Week

This week has been a rich and slightly productive one (well largely unproductive, but we'll look on the bright side and count the fact that I was able to shower daily). As a professional student my ever present my ever present goal in life is to learn a few lessons. Because this is a self-help blog I am more than obliged to share the lessons I learned this week as the door of November hit me in the ass.

Lesson #1: (Sam the Ugliest Dog)
Often times beauty doesn't count. Now, I am a pretty sexy girl, (this isn't just self-proclaimed folks, it's a proven fact) and for some reason I just can't get...well, that. Genuine love and affection from someone I adore for a sustained period of time. Some loved this monster that passed as a dog. ( I guess it worked in Lilo and Stitch ) Am I not lovable? I'm nice... in a "I didn't poison your food" sort of way. But that's not what guys want. They want to feel like you might poison their food but somehow they stopped you. Why else would guys prefer obvious trolls over me.

Lesson#2 It's not me, some people just need to get over themselves. For example, with all the little asian boys and the rare bald black babies in the U.S. who need homes, I will give no kudos to someone who travels across the globe to adopt. It just seems just extra. Some people are extra, need extra, and feel that those who aren't just aren't good enough. They should wear scarlet E's.

Lesson #3 Just because you believe in something doesn't make it true.

UF 34 FSU 7

And it still hurts, badly.

Lesson #4 As long as they are 18, it doesn't matter.
Does it not bug you that Jared Leto as sexy as he is, can't seem to date anyone above 21 I have been waiting since My So Called Life to be of age...Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Olsen, Scarlet Johansson? When did I become over the hill?

Lesson#4 Never Marry A Virgin/The only person you've been with .

Unless both of you can be placed on either side of the "/". Inevitiably, one of you will find that the other was over-rated.
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