Monday, November 07, 2005

Very Random...I'm Coming Clean

What the hell? I am posting twice in one week? Am I getting my mojo back? Keep your fingers crossed. So I must admit that this past saturday morning after completing an online exam I quickly gathered my books and my bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and set up for what was going to be a gruesome day of studying. (Which translates into doing shit-else but studying the entire day, but I'm sure you guessed that.) As I scattered all of my folders, counted my highlighters and really put on the dramatic show entitled "Perils of a Serious Grad Student" for um, the pictures on my bedroom wall I eagerly turned my TV to MTV because I was QUITE sure there was going to be a Laguna Beach marathon.

Okay, I will procede to answer the burning questions I am sure you are having right now.

1. Yes, I watch Laguna Beach and I can hear you laughing.
2. Yes, I do hate Undergrads but obviously not whiny West-coast high school kids. I guess I am far enough removed that I am free to enjoy their "drama", find humor in their ill-fitted clothes and see them in their lavish homes. I mean it's not theirs, it's their Mommy and Daddy's and therefore I find no need to be jealous.
3. Yes, I am just a little ashamed. Don't rub it in.
4. Ever since Jessica said "Don't hate the game, hate the player" Clearly, messing the whole saying the fudge up, I was hooked. I'm easy like that.

So I literally waited all damned day, I mean they air this show at least a million times a day right? But on Saturday, nothing. I was like, totally bummed out that I couldn't find out what happend to Jason and Lauren cause like, Jason is totally a male hoe. I was like, going though some kinda craving because I might have checked MTV like, every 30 minutes. But they had a freaking Made marathon like, who freaking watches Made? Made is for losers. I was like, totally spazzing and humming the theme song by Hillary Duff under my breath the entire day! ' Let the rain fall down la la la la ...I'm coming Clean...' And like, talking like I was a cast member of the show, ... out loud...the whole day. Omigosh!

Not watching a Laguna Beach marathon messed up my studying moral and might have ruined my entire weekend. We can't let this happen again. I know this was random but it was important to share. I haven't felt this way since Ally McBeal. Yes, I watched Ally McBeal. I know you did too. Come Clean.
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  1. I did watch Ally McBeal, 90210, Melrose Place and many, many more. I do not watch Laguna Beach, but only because I do not have cable.

    AB got very annoying towards the end, though, and I gave up on it.

  2. I don't watch that show... but I must admit: I used to watch DARK ANGEL because I thought/think Jessica Alba is beautiful.

  3. Brokkenhearted12:43 AM

    I hate Laguna Beach. The O.C. at least makes you feel better because it's scripted. Those kids on Laguna Beach are just pitiful. Pathetic even. I didn't even read your blog because i hate the show so much. It's theme song is by Hilary Duff!!! need I say more?

  4. I totally watched Ally McBeal, are you kidding me?

    and Laguna Beach is my pimp, I can't make a move without it. LOL!

    You have inspired me to come out of the LB closet. I made mention of it but I haven't delved into how hooked I really am.

    and that scene where Jessica AND her friend were ass backwards had me HOLLERIN!!...good stuff.

    I am trying not to be come as hooked on Run's House, but I fear it's too late.

    I am a MTV whore. For shame!

    Keep writing! LOL

  5. lmbo @ ur cali girl impersonation!

  6. A dying man needs to die, as a sleepy man needs to sleep, and there comes a time when it is wrong, as well as useless, to resist.
    Stewart Alsop- Posters.


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