Monday, November 28, 2005

Residual Turkey Syndrome

Turkey. I'm not a turkey. I ate a lot of turkey. Turkey makes me sleepy. What more can I say?

I thought long and hard about getting up for the upcoming and unstoppable horrors of Monday. Besides being grateful that I'm alive and can see another Monday blah blah blah, going back to your everyday routine (that you so desperately want to get away from) in two words...clearly blows. I can not begin to tell you of the unnecessary drama of this Ph.D program. It's like being hazed, except not nearly as exciting. Ha ha ha, I called it drama like I was on Laguna Beach. Perhaps MTV should make a reality T.V. show about my life. It would be called "True life: I am a hot girl who chose school instead of making money and getting laid on a regular basis." Oh that's too long for a title? How about this, "True Life: Grumpy as shit."

I said that I would use this break for a rejuvenation of sorts, you know as a pick me up. I am such a slacker. They are two seconds from throwing me out of this program. That's why I walk around the department with my head down, don't want to look anyone directly in the eye. I keep my office door closed. I was hoping the cranberry sauce and stuffing would boost my morale. Unfortunately I had weighted myself the Wednesday before. (I was checking to see if the scale still worked). What the break did do was let me catch up with my childhood buddies who have well, actual jobs, new cars and sparking pieces of jewelry that live on the ring finger of their left hand. Comparably, I have fifteen pounds that I need to lose, a salary in the low $13k's and this proclamation of um, bettering myself... It blows guys, the shit blows.

When I was young I thought I would have run off with a pro-football player by now!!! (I tried, that's another post) Not any of this shit. I just realized I might not live that young single well to-do- lifestyle. I won't be that 27 year old single girl driving a porche beating men off with my Chanel bag as I thought. I will be here, eating ramen...still. I think I have been staring at college-ruled paper too long. Who convinced me that this was a good idea?The holidays already make you dread going back to work but the thought of going back to overwhelming assignments and (ughhh!) finals really makes me want to drop my pencil and spring for something with real benefits i.e. health insurance. Hopefully I can pass this attitude off as Residual Turkey Syndrome and I avoid having one of those "meetings". Apparently, they have that here in academia too.
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  1. Anonymous3:38 PM

    That is exactly how I felt today, face down, ass up.

  2. i'm a victim... except my pants are off and i'm face up

  3. Hang in there,lady. Don't give up! Blame it on the damn turkey!

  4. It will pay off - but I can only imagine how it feels to be going through it. Hang in there!!

  5. I remember those years in grad school and they weren't so long ago.

    I have no words of advice. However, life improved a bit with a student loan.


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