Wednesday, November 09, 2005

2000 Hits

Shut up another post! Wow... I am on a blog roll! I am soooo excited to see my blog tracker go over a 2000 hits. Sure maybe um,1256 of them was me visiting my own site but you know any little brenchmark is a plus.

Speaking of 2000, I graduated highschool in 2000. (look, you saw my profile, it says I'm 23, don't act all surprised that highschool was not that far away for me) Since I moved back to my hometown, I have only seen my whole graduating class, my old spanish teacher that I hated, and other people speckled through out my past. And it blows. The stupid thing about it is some try to act like they don't REALLY remember where they saw you from. Um, could it be summer camp in the third grade and all four years of high school? Oh and let's not forget your mommy and my mommy work together. Yeah, you're an idiot you aren't fooling anyone.

Why do people do that?

Let's keep that blog tracker rolling. I mean I have a rate of 3 hits a day. That's good right?
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