Friday, September 23, 2005

Taking a little bloggy break

I swore I was going to be more consistant with my postings. I mean, literally...for the past 2 weeks I have been thinking of things to post about, even sitting and typing them up and then totally walking away from it. I have a million things on my mind yet, at the same time nothing at all. I know I know, this is my blog and I can say what I want. But everything I want to say is not in the slightest, or in anyway informative or even entertaining to the poor souls that should come across my blog. So that explains my little bloggy break.

However, in the time since my last blog I have gotten deeper and deeper into my graduate program. It is sad to say that I have absolutely nothing to talk about other than that. And well, that we spent like a whole hour and half talking about how to calculate a mean and median. As if I didn't get a high school diploma and didn't sleep my way through college. But once again, I don't want to bore you.

There have been other things that have been on my mind that I have not been able to actually formulate into an interesting post that I would like to mention for instance, why do I continue to go out collecting guys numbers, store them in my phone and not call them? Then oh, then continue to scroll through the phone book trying to figure out who the hell they are. Why then dear readers, do I refuse to delete the numbers only to find myself doing it again? Stupid I know, but this is the kind of thing I have been doing on my spare time.

I am sure that in the next few days, particularly after I get over my flu I will surely have somethings to talk about. Once again, they may not be of any interest to you but, it will be great to me and we all know that's what matters.
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  1. There's nothing wrong with stepping away from the keyboard.. I think I have about 20-30 posts that have never seen the light of day so don't feel bad

  2. Secret Admirer8:00 AM

    Hope you feel better and i'm sure you'll have something t write about


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