Monday, September 26, 2005

Doing 85 to 95 Down Memory Lane

I composed this post while sitting in class wishing I was any where else but here. Picture me handwritting this post ignoring my professor discusing probability mass depth. Ughhh! I began a mental roadtrip to the old days, before graduate funding and car insurance when the brightest moment of the day was break, PE or after school when we would congregate and attempt to harmonize "Knocking the Boots" by H-town. Yep, The nastier the song the louder we'd sing it.

I traveled to a time when I knew all the words to "Superwoman" by Karen White before I had ever heard the tune on the radio...a time when my friends and getting my hair to grow meant the world to me. A time before we were to become the women that we are now, law students, new mothers, wives...real estate agents and divorcees. Before we became skilled goldseekers and gold-acquirers. (Golddigger just sounds too...I mean can't imagine me or any of my girls acutally digging for shit. Besides the term seems to ignore the notion that this said "gold" could actually be ours. But I will save that for another blog.) I let my mind travel to a time when it was actually cool to rap the entire theme song of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and my biggest wish was to no longer be flat-chested.

Pull up next to me, as we all can travel down memory lane. To a time...

*A time when holding hands was enough and kissing was a BIG deal.
*When you may have owned two or more snap bracelets.
*If you went to private school, you may have coveted a certain pair of Eastlands
* You may have debated which Ninja Turtle was the best.
* A time you might have actually caught yourself sing the theme to Fraggle Rock
*You remember wishing that She-Ra and He-Man would get together and feeling BETRAYED when you found they were brother and sister.
*A time when "sex tape" meant a bunch of slow songs you recorded that you were certainly going to have sex soon as you became sexually active.
* You actually woke up early on Saturday mornings to watch TV
*Biker shorts were a staple in your wardrobe
* Jelly shoes, LA Gears and oh my gosh...British Knights!

As I sped down this lane...I remembered how I used banana clips to make my pony-tails appear longer, how I figured it wasn't fair that Zach on Saved By the Bell hooked up with Kelly, Jessi and Lisa...and it was kind of nasty. I began to develop a mind of my own. I laughed as I acknowledged that I am nowhere near married like I planned to be by my mid-twenties...and that I won't be. I did not lose my virginity on a soft bed of green grass, underneath the stars as inspired my the numerous Mariah Carey songs I listened to and it wasn't with my first love... In fact, I'm still debating whether or not that time counts at all... I didn't marry my first love, or my second.

Who then could have known that the world wouldn't abruptly come to an end if baby and the baby carriage came BEFORE marriage? Not graduating from college didn't mean swift and certain death? The show Martin was ever going to go off the air? Hammer was to go broke, the original Destiny's Child would break up? Innocence was sweet and ignorance is bliss.

However, as I pull up past high school and college I become thankful for the present. So what I didn't get that Powerwheel! I have my own car now and it's paid for. I can pick my own wardrobe and not have to wait until my birthday and christmas for something new. That sex tape is now a 40 song playlist on my laptop and MP3 player...still waiting for that special person. The lessons I learned were hard ones. I loved to visit the past but I clearly, clearly could not live there...there are about a million things I don't EVER want to do again shit, I don't want to see again. There are people that I never want to be again.

But you know, some things just don't change. Green is still my favorite color, I still love Jolly Ranchers. I'd still get giddy if a guy were to write me a note and fold it all special. I still dance really hard when I hear "It Feels Good" by Tony Toni Tone or "Keep on Walkin'" by CeCe Penistan. I just close the door now. My best friends are still my friends from grade school. "One Last Cry" is still my favorite breakup/get over him song. I still eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch. '85-'95 might have been some great years but I guess right now is okay, I mean class will be over in five minutes. And these moments like everything else, will pass like the trees when doing 85 to 95 mph on the as shit.
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  1. you are my kindred spirit! you like cinnamon toast crunch

  2. That was nice. It's funny, who was your friend that said life is all about making great memories because if you are lucky enough to be on your death bed, that's all you'll have? Your post really supports that.

  3. >"And these moments like everything else, will pass like the trees when doing 85 to 95 mph on the as shit."

    Truer wisdom never spoken.

  4. That was wonderfully written! I still remember Jolly Ranchers and Fraggle Rock and Martin and...and...and.
    I could go on forever, but I'm about to turn this into a mini-blog, thanks for that trip down memory lane :o)
    BTW my blogplace is

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