Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Sweetest Things parties...yay.

Sigh... summer is coming to an end. Unfortunately I the professional student, am once again tempted by the back-to-school specials on gluesticks and pencil holders. Dammit, I haven't needed those things since the fourth grade. Pull me away from the $0.50 packs of loose leaf paper at Wal-mart, especially because it's 20 cents cheaper at Office Depot. Besides I have folders, pens and thousands of sheets of notebook paper left over from middle school but I love school supplies. As I watch the back-to-school and fall fashion commercials getting that oh-so-familiar queasy feeling, my friends are annoyingly unaffected. Rather they reply, "How long is it going to take to finish your Ph.D?" continuing with the nice things they've acquired with their fantastic jobs and eventful love lives. The end of the summer marks the upcoming absence of the sweetest things: Sleeping til noon, rainy days, sexy clothes, watching VH1 6 hours straight and light traffic in this Hell I live in mascarading as a college town. As I see the streets fill up with the bright-eyed hellions screaming out of their cars, holding up the line at Wal-mart because the last cool dorm lamp in aisle 7 needs a price check...I get teary eyed. All my treats are gone or contaminated by underaged binge drinkers, short skirts and spoiled preppys in pursuit of an "education". All I have left is Publix cake that is sold by the slice (often sold out now) and I am very bitter about it.

Partially the bitterness is because of the slow witnessing of my youth slipping away. Sure I am young but I am sooo grown up now. As a pick up line while at the grocery today ( I was at Publix of course, getting cake) some guy asked me to keep an eye his truck while he runs in the store. Hmmm... thanks for pointing out your '05 model whatever that clearly your mommy, daddy or federal student loans bought for you. can't have my number because clearly you didn't have enough forsight to budget for a car alarm and that's just not the kind of man I'm looking for. I used to think that a cute guy with a nice car was once one of the sweetest things. There are a million college girls here that can be hooked by the simple horn blow of an '05 Accord and 21+ guys know it. I am very, very, bitter about that. I do try to stay current and fresh by watching My Super Sweet 16 and Laguna Beach on MTV. But the best part is the ability to turn those crazies off! Can you imagine the little fat spoiled girl behind you cursing her mother out on her cell phone while you are in the library? Or hundreds of them buzzing around in their Audi A4's and BMW 3 series cutting you off in traffic, stealing your boyfriends, or even (gasp!) seeing them in the mall wearing the exact same outfit as you with that uncanny ability to always look sluttier in it! It's like MTV everyday and I am damn near too old to be on the Real World. I need sweet relief cause I am starting this school year off bitter as hell.

I hear someone out there laughing at the fact that I said school year... it's not funny.
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  1. ahhh.. How I miss college. Oh well let me get back to work b4 they catch me reading your blog!

  2. LMFAO @ the no car alarm havin dudes! You are SO RIGHT!!!!!!!

    AND you are SO right about the school year totally SUCKING. Being a professional student sucks, doesn't it? All I want are my LETTERS. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR!?!?! *sigh*

    Well, hang in there girl. When we finish, we will have earned ourselves some good martinis.


  3. It's not funny. It's wonderful. Get your education on.

    To all those with PHDs reading this, please raise your hands.

    I didn't think so...

    I say get on with your bad self and buy me some school supplies while you're at it. I'm a whore for pens :-P

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