Thursday, August 04, 2005

Cooking Rice with Uncle Ben

So I am once again pulling out my A-A card on this blog.

Forbes has this fantastic list of 100 Most Powerful Women in the World. I caught the Forbes editor on the Today show and thus far this list has gotten quite a bit of coverage. But I have to say I was touched when I hit the page and saw their article on The List. Picture this:
Top Ten Most Powerful Women in the World... right next to it are photographs of Condoleezza Rice and Oprah. Why hot damn, two black women. Granted Condi was #1 and Oprah was #8 but clearly that was one fine day. At least for me. And quite frankly I wanted to talk about it.

So I made mention of this to my brother over lunch and he responds with the surprisingly popular, "Well, Condoleezza Rice hasn't done anything for black people." Hmmm, and we politely discuss this over Rice...and chicken. Furthermore, my sister brings me an article that reads, "Condoleezza Rice is Affirmative Action". However, to my surprise it was a complete Rice boiler! And that is where I got mad. Very mad. Now this is coming from a Pro-choice leftist-borderline socialist sympathizer who doesn't just vote democratic because I'm a double minority but because I actually understand the issues and I have no other choice. (So don't start with me.) This ol' Uncle Tom, Uncle Ben, Uncle Ray Ray looking writer came out listed ALL of Rice's accomplishments and said she ain't never done nothing for black people. You have got to be kidding me! Sigh...before I even start, I must also throw in the gumbo that I have also heard people say Oprah has turned white and she hasn't really been out for black people either. I didn't take that seriously but now I guess I should. (Deep breath, now go...)

Maybe I have little needs but the little fact that Dr. Rice is black and is tight as hell does a lot for me. The fact that I know she didn't grow up pretending to be white and if she did she would have EASILY been singled out with a name like Condolezza. (I know she was named after some music phrase or something but c'mon isn't that a black thing to do?) The little fact that I am certain the Secretary of State had to worry at least once about who was going to base her scalp before she got a relaxer while on a long business trip ... kinda does something for me. But that's just me. some clearly take that with a grain of rice.

What exactly is she supposed to do for black people that she hasn't done? Has anyone made a list? Wait, I think I hear a 'yes' in the back. Okay then, review your said 'list' and see if any of that falls in her job description. Um, hmmm. Just because she hasn't brought sneakers and basketballs to the ghetto doesn't mean that she hasn't done anything for my race. She can't give you or me a raise, she can't let your baby cousin out of jail. She can't give you equal rights or sign your timesheet any quicker. She can't send more black children to college. She only makes $170,000 a year. It's not her job! Puffy(50 Cent and even my beloved Jay-Z) leads the exploitation of black people. How? By taking a few Hanes Her Way T-shirts (probably made in sweat camps in Latin America or Detroit) slapping a little Sean John on it and selling it for 58 American dollars! And everyone is doing it, not for the love of fashion but because they know black people will buy it. And we do... everytime. Besides at millions per annum I hope Puffy does bring a few basketballs to the ghetto, send a few kids to college, start a couple of summer camps. I personally haven't seen a red cent. He hasn't done anything for me but host a couple of shows and come clean in a suit. Maybe if I work in a hotel lobby at Saint Tropez...

Let me tell you what this woman has done as listed by Uncle Ben the writer. (He is so stupid I promise...)

*She is the youngest person to ever hold the postion of provost (Vice president of a University for those who didn't know) at Stanford University. She was the First African-American and the First woman to do so also. She was in her thirties!!!!!

*AND she served as the chief budget officer at Stanford and over saw ALL 1.5 billion of that budget and did not have ONE scandal. If you attended an HBCU you might know where I am going with this.

*She sat on the Board of Directors for Fortune 500 companies such as Chevron, Hewlett Packard and Charles Schwab to name a few. (and it is just a few)

"She is hardly Mary Mcleod Bethune who is etched in Black History and started Bethune-Cookman College.", says Uncle Ben. First of all I am from Florida and I will tell you BCC is a cut-up. But who can be Dr. Bethune, King or any of those historic figures today? Oh she was supposed to start a historically black college not head an Ivy-league (and extremely well-funded) University? Clearly this man was a rice cake.

Dr. Bethune would have been sooooo proud of Dr. Rice and then suddenly completely disgusted at the way black people haven't shown her any support. Sure she works for the devil but quite honestly, you wouldn't have seen the Democrats put a minority in such a high position in the first place. Because they don't have to. What are we going if they don't, vote Republican? Ha Ha ha right...that's what they're thinking too. But they will ensure all of their assistants are minorities. How's that for affimative action!

It is hard being a black woman, period. Trying to find pantyhose that doesn't make your legs look ashy, trying to find jeans that fit your butt, working knowing that your glass ceiling is much, much, much lower than other minorities is HARD. This person has made strides that not only landed her a place in America's history books but further paves the way for minorities as a BLACK WOMAN. And as a black woman, I won't sit back and let anyone belittle her accomplishments, I take it quite personally. Condolezza Rice represents the talents and capabilty of black people and women. And she is reppin' hard!! That's a heavy load to carry so get off her back and get behind it. Support her. Even though she is working for the devil...she's just doin' her job. (Hell if T.I. can say this and explain away his pushin' weight to the black community, it should work for her too.)

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  1. Anonymous3:19 AM

    where did you get a picture of her cooking?

  2. You are quite right. The point is that CR shows every fool who thinks accomplishments are somehow tied to the color of one's skin how stupid they are.

    Hate her politics. Love that she breaks all the stereotypes.

  3. You are definitely cut from a different fabric...Do you have anymore?
    I have some knitting to do with these heffas round this way...
    You're right though. She works for the devil and spits rhetoric that sometimes hits folks the wrong way, but I understand what you see in her.
    You stand behind her. I'll just watch from the sidelines :-)

  4. Anonymous4:05 PM

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  5. I agree. We don't have to agree with her politics. It's a free country. But she is an amazing woman and a trailblazer. She should be respected and supported--not denigrated.

  6. Anonymous3:37 AM

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  7. Great post! I love Condaleeza Rice for what she represents as a woman and as a Black woman. I don't like her politics, and I think that she has done and said some foolish things in defense of the current administration, but I love her as a person and as a political figure anyway. I am also a liberal, lefty, feminist so you are not alone. I defend her too.

    Interesting how Bush & Co have been good about putting non-Whites and women in positions of power (Roberts, notwithstanding), but I think it is more about getting what they want than anything else. If they nominate or appoint a minority ideologue (or super-conservative) to a high position, they have will face less critique from typically liberal civil rights and feminists groups. It is harder for these groups to come out publicly against a candidate who would be advancing a civil cause. Opponents of the nominee can be labeled as racist or sexist, even though their opposition may be based on other factors. It just complicates the process, that's why I think Bush & Co do it - not b/c they care about diversity. Unfortunately.

  8. Okay really who is leaving these crazy Ad comments. Stop it!

  9. Dexter2:33 PM

    I bet you didnt think i actually read your posts. I like this one and yes, she is Satans most favored elf, but i know in the she will have done for just as much as what Powell did. Jack.

  10. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Respected, yes. Supported, why? This is a woman who has the power to get the soldiers out of Iraq and cut Haliburton's profit margin, and refuses to exercise that power.

    And as a Delta till I die, we won't discuss why she chose to pledge Alpha Chi Omega. Whatever.

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