Friday, August 12, 2005

Chasing Dreams

Damn it, they got caught! Am I the only justice-believeing, law-abidding, tax-paying individual who hoped that they would have gotten away? I mean dig deep, dig past the higher-than-thou, do-good over layer of obligatory morality, you kinda wanted them to get away didn't you? I mean he is kinda cute. (Shut up! He is! He is in a -he is 5'5 and 140 lbs-I could break him in half-sort of way) Bonnie and Clyde 2005! I was a little tickled when I saw the Fox News coverage of the getaway couple. (I am usually tickled by the way Fox covers everything) Their story is all too funny. See, she was his nurse in jail and then loses her job because of their love affair. They ultimately get married (a prison wedding, am I the only one laughing?) but I guess she realized married life wasn't as sweet as she had hoped with him in jail. Her being an educated woman and all I am sure that it didn't take her long to figure that out.

So she busts him out of jail. All in the name of love! And look at her. Sure he was the one that called "Open fire", and probably worked his convict mojo on her. And why wouldn't he, she sure is a hot mama. Appearantly he is supposed to have conned lots of women into aiding in his criminal acts. As reported by the Cincinnati Post
"George is a charmer and a con man," said Rhea County, Tenn., Assistant District
Attorney General James Pope III. "Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth."
Oooh Wheee! A mouth like that might drive a girl to think about breaking a man out of jail. But she was the crazy one who actually did it! She killed a man for goodness sakes! I was hoping that for all that sacrifice they would have been gone at least a month. You know, high-tailing it to Mexico, feeding Llamas for change, all for the pleasure of looking into each others eyes without that prison glass between them and telephone receivers. One can assume it would get a little annoying after a while.

But now they won't ever see each other. Except in court. And you and I both know she won't eeeeeeever get out. Let that be a lesson, out there chasing dreams...only thing you'll catch is a life sentence! Love, I tell you, I was really rootin' for you. You disappointed me again.
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  1. What a ghetto fabulous love story!

  2. *whispers* I was secretly rooting for them, too!

  3. Yo C-Dub, when you gonna write something bout me? Contact a whodie.

  4. By the way, that chick is an "Night of the Living Dead" zombie kinda way.

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  6. just damn! LMAO!

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