Sunday, April 17, 2005

Corolla Confessions

Everyone has a red button, a pet-peeve, something that just gets them. I hate corollas. If anyone reading owns a corolla...I am sorry. I don't hate the driver I just hate the car. I have to confess that I have some serious beef with a vehicle and I have for years. It isn't one model in particular it's all of them. 1984-2004 just makes my stomach quiver. The compact four doorness, the light mobility, the unavoidable ugliness. If I were to have an archnemisis their get-away car would be a corolla. Sigh...I don't know where this dark sentiment towards a toyota vehicle originated. Okay, sure the guy that hurt my feelings in high school had a corolla, the girl I hated had a corolla and hung out with the guy that hurt my feelings, a corolla sideswiped me... maybe corollas don't like me. Perhaps there is a small evil spirit in every screw and door handle, reincarnated every time and every year it was made. Perhaps that why our spirits just don't connect and when I am picked up in a corolla the date just doesn't go well. I hate corollas so much that if I had a choice I might still choose to walk instead. I confess.

Here I encourage all to drop senseless beefs...except corollas
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  1. Brokkenhearted8:23 PM

    You are so silly!

  2. YES!!!!!!!Finally, the truth is written! I hate Corollas, too! You are not alone! Its like the most generic of all cars! Its just plain ugly. I think I would even drive a FOCUS before a Corolla. Now that's bad.

  3. Rican, You no longer surprise me...we are officially of the same cloth. You would hate corollas too wouldn't you?


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