Saturday, April 09, 2005

All Gased Up!

I, who would usually sit up at night obsessing about my blog, have not had a new post in over a week. If any of you should have had the smallest inquiry as to my whereabouts… I’ll tell you… I was trapped at home, where internet access is non-existent. And should I have found los juevos grandes to leave the house, I could have been found driving around looking for the gas station with the cheapest gas in the city. Believe me this search is almost has hard as that of the Holy Grail. Am I the only one who thinks that gas prices have gotten a bit…out of control? I mean, I was a frustrated before but now I am just angry. The smell of gas makes me angry. The fact that I must pre-pay before pumping unless I use my card makes me angry. The sight of a crowded gas station …in which I am third in line, waiting…as though no one notices that the price of one gallon of unleaded is the same as the price of one small child …just really gases me up.

I guess I can use this time to confess that I am sometimes unnecessarily cheap. Scratch the ‘sometimes’. My current salary is -$33,000 a year. Please note the negative. Career students don’t have money and I am finding that I am spending a lot of my imaginary money, i.e. loans, on gas. Maybe no one else is as angry as I am because they have a real job. Perhaps, my anger stems from my nature to clip coupons and shop sales racks and quite frankly Shell, BP, and Exxon could use an outlet store. I however, still like nice things and as long as I can budget my financial aid those magnificent stilettos can be mine. So imagine how much I am losing if I had to stop using mid-grade gas because I can barely afford the basics. Hello, $2.45 for one gallon of simple unleaded gas? That is the same as a gallon of milk. However, one gallon of milk lasts longer and gives me way more gas. has a story on gas prices causing financial hardship to citizens. How can we ease our unnecessary flatulence and make this gas issue a little bit easier?

• Carpool.
• Cancel all of the fun but useless road trips you planned to take. Unless you are going with a crap load of people who will pitch in for gas. This means I won’t be going because I am that cheap person that falls asleep when it is time to fill up.
• Dump all significant others who live more than fifteen minutes away.
• Shack up with that significant other. Hey, it is not something I would normally do but desperate times call for desperate measures.
• Remove your license plate, fill up your tank and drive off. Just once. They are actually charging $2.99 for unleaded in California. Are you seriously supposed to pay?
• Organize a strike, refuse to leave the house until gas prices go down. You can't actually do that alone though; people will just think you are skipping out on work/class if there isn’t a group effort.

Sincerly gased up...
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  1. Brokkenhearted2:29 AM

    Don't give me a reason to be on strike! Gas has indeed ruined the frequent trips to Walmart that makes much needed Apple Juice at 2am taste sweeter. I could get three bottles, count 'em THREE, for the price of one gallon of gas that probably won't even take me to Walmart! I've been running on E for three about a drought ;)

  2. The cheapest I can find in my town is $2.21. People say it's gonna get up to $4 by the end of the summer.

    Don't get me started on cigarettes.
    I'm blowing money from both ends.

  3. Anonymous12:38 AM

    So you are encouraging us to steal gas?

  4. Where you been?!? You aren't the only one mad about gas. Can you believe that people are saying it is not causing economic hardship. I can't buy my $5 coffee from Starbucks because I am saving up for gas, that is economic hardship. What's next, bread?

  5. I missed you, girl! Yes, gas prices are between $2.29 and $2.89 here in TX. I am upset about it, bt I'm one little Rican. What can I do?
    My instructor (Dr. M,the wacko) brought that up in his lecture before lectures on Monday. He proposed that the US build more light rail across the nation to help cope with gas prices. He went on to say that the most inefficient way to get small groups of people from one place to another is to fly them. He suggested that the use of light rail would make people rely less on their vehicles- which to me is garbage. He also pointed out that gas prices in other countries,(i.e. the EU) gas is $5.65 a gallon.
    We pointed out that Houston has been building a light rail system for FOREVER, and it only travels up and down ONE street. It also travels the same damn route as the old Metro buses used to, so I have seen no difference. Our country is alot bigger than the EU, and so it would take loads more time and money to build a rail system. I guess I could see our country shifted towards some sort of solution of the like, though.

  6. What the heck? 5.65 a gallon!! that's the second time you almost made me choke Rican. That is one the few things that makes me extra glad I live in America. Could you imagine having to drive those itty-bitty cars? Nah, not you. Ya'll do it big in Texas.

  7. Anonymous8:42 AM

    My little the grad student, even cites her blogs!! Ever notice that on those major trips, the total cost of gas is more than the cost of hotel reservations? Think of that when there are 3-5 college students on your floor next visit. We tried to rent a hummer, but we were rollin on fumes by the time we reached the end of the driveway at Avis. How pimp would the fellas be cruisin down Tennessee in their limosine tints, too broke for the A/C ~and you know those windows are too small! That's hot!

  8. Yeah, that is pretty loser of me to site my sources on my blog. Symptoms of Career Student Syndrome.

  9. Anonymous9:24 AM

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