Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Royal Guilt

People have been talking to me left and right about feeling guilty. Not particuluarly for advice of course, but to vent. "Oh I feel bad for not calling her back." "Geez, I didn't study enough for that exam." "Oh I feel so guilty for taking that phone number at the club." "I feel guilty checking my personal email at work" I started to feel guilty this week just for not feeling guilty! So I started to review my books for pointers on releving guilt. But there it was on MSN. I have tried to ignore it...but really are we celebrating the engagement of two notorious adulterers after a 20 year affair? Oh we are? Oh.

Just recently I battled with the pursuit of happiness and letting others down. Wanting to follow my heart but still look myself in the mirror every morning. Having to tell everyone I am sick but still look amazing. (No one believes I'm sick) But why should anyone feel guilty? Do you think Prince charles and his Mistress Camilla feel guilty? Let me give you a hint...they are making comemorative stamps with their pictures on it for all British citizens to buy.

A friend of mine said to me that diamonds are a girl's bestfriend and that she wished she had some but would feel guilty about owning mining products considering how badly the miners are treated. Once again to you think Camilla is feeling guilty?

No, I don't think she's lying awake at night in agony over the miners low pay.

I don't think it is necesary to tell their story, its on the internet. And I am not really judging them because it is their business. (Although its getting heavy coverage)However I will say this... It is awfully cute how their love could withstand time (can you imagine their arguments!) and that Prince Charles at the end of the day still wants to make Camilla an "honest woman". So girls, even if the love of your life gets married don't let it go. No, hold on to love. You never know. If you wish with all your might...his wife might die (but not from your wishful thinking, no...) and you too can marry the prince!

I should feel bad for saying that and I almost do. I should feel bad about alot of things, but heck as long as it's in the name of love...It's A-OK!
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  1. Damn. Makes me wanna be a full fledged adulterer.

    Man, Caramel, when r we gonna get OURS??

    Where's MY big ring?
    Where's MY nice car?
    Where's MY weekend trip to Paris (Pair-eeeee)?
    I'm tired of playing nice.
    I think I may have to pledge to be a real BITCH from here on out if I'm going to get what I want.

    Oh, the frustration.

  2. Girl, ok? Can I get a gum ball ring? Shed the guilt, to what you need to do to get yours! hehe

  3. Anonymous12:41 PM

    this is a crazy world believe is not about a pretty face cos Diana was pretty,it is not about being a virgin cos Prince Charles met her a is all about finders keepers....even if you cheated and got caught with your hand in the cookie is all yours!!!!!!!!This is a crazy world!


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