Friday, February 25, 2005

Nothin' Feeds a Family of Six Like a Bucket O' Crabs

The "crabs in a bucket" concept is often used to illustrate the incohesiveness and disunity of a people or community. However, when I think of crabs in a bucket I think of family night when I still lived at home. Bad day at work, Mom and Dad? Bad report card, Bro? Just want to be left alone, sis? Is it only the 2nd night of a month-long phone punishment? Well have no fear...nothing brings my family together like a bucket o' snow crabs!

Even now in our teens and early adulthood, if my Mommy and Daddy came home from the grocery with some crabs...Even on a Saturday night with movie tickets in better believe we will be present and accounted for. 'Cause my little brother is just waiting for you to be 10 minutes late so he can eat your share and pretend he thought it was his.

I look back on these moments with warmth and tenderness in my heart. I am a cancer and you know we crabs are sentimental. I love my immediate family; we are a tight-knit bunch. While most families get together with other families on holidays, my family makes it a point to have no outsiders. We stay at home, ignore the doorbell and may take a call or two. Like hermit crabs. But we have a bucket o'laughs.

It wasn't always this way. Like every healthy teenager, I couldn't stand my parents. Loved them to pieces, just...couldn't stand them. But the thing is, they couldn't stand me either. I was a crabby little girl trying to make it in America with loving but over-protective parents who watched just a little too much of CNN and "60 minutes" specials on out of control teens. You don't know if a crab is going to just pass on by or attack you, same with moody cancer teens frequently on phone punishment. I am sure there were a few times they plotted my death mentally...for their safety. I understand, it was self-defense. As an adult, I feel like I am meeting my parents for the first time. The funniest, most profound, well-educated attractively cynical personality...stuffed inside the cutest 5 foot middle-aged woman you have ever seen. And the sweetest man who listens to me, takes care of me, calls to see how I am doing almost everyday...sends me Valentines in the mail and has the greatest fashion sense. The man of my dreams except he's (of course) taken, and a bit too old for me...and my dad.

My siblings are my posse, my heart, my team. The four of us been forced to share one bed in numerous cramped hotel rooms and suffer through 12-hour car's kinda natural for us to commune in the closet and discuss South Park...just for kicks.

Search for those who are still there for you after you put them in a pot of boiling water. (And vise-versa) Cherish the love of the hard-fought, not the uneventful.

I have the unconditional love, support and outrageous humor of my family and they have helped me through some TOUGH times. No matter what has happened we still remain closer than ever. So as for the "crabs in a bucket" family never holds me back for their gain and if we are all present...every last one of those crabs are coming out.
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  1. Anonymous10:23 PM

    That was sweet. Unlike some of us you have a nice family. I don't care to much for mine. Locked in a house with them on a holiday sounds like hell to me. I have the unconditional love of my dog,Poppy.

  2. Brokkenhearted9:30 PM

    *sigh* I am very grateful to have a family like ours because I know that a lot of people don't have that and would never understand it. Boy do we love those crabs :)

  3. Anonymous3:15 PM

    give thanks for family, for real...

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