Monday, February 28, 2005

It's a Free Country and I B' weave in America

Beyonce caught in action, minus her weave...

"Is it my imagination or is black women's collective national hairline receding from the weight of extensions and hair weaves?" -Jill Nelson, Straight, No Chaser
How I became a Grown-up Black Woman

I pulled my A-A card in the culmination of Black History Month and in defense of all who choose to take advantage of the liberties of this country and wear hair extentions.

It is a free country and I can wear a weave if I want to. Jill Nelson accuses Black women of self-hatred, wearing "yards of blonde" to avoid the acceptance of themselves. I guess if one should be self-accepting they may not par take in this form of self improvement. I wouldn't be surprised though if she wears acrylic nails. I guess because all races run to paint french tips on chemically engineered (cancer causing I'm sure...) nails this isn't self-hatred at all.

I LOVE myself, I wear weave and I shouldn't feel any slack for it. This is America, we're at war with Terrorism. I should not live in fear of someone spreading a picture of me without my extentions. I should never hear a guy say he doesn't date a girl with a weave (especialy when I can see his girlfriend's tracks). I should not have to feel a bit of shame when my braids slip out in public and have to hide it before others notice. Neither should I have to hear a song in the club I paid 15 of my hard earned dollars, telling me NOT to raise my hand...all because of the authenticity of my hair. This is an extention of terror and something should be woven into the constitution to protect my rights.

In further defense, I have extentions to grow my relaxer out. I am taking that self-embracing step to go natural. My extentions are blonde because they can be,I paid for it and Zuki Liu at the hair store said it looked nice. This weave matter is obviously multiracial.

In addition to that, hair weaves are more acceptable today than ever. Everyone on T.V. wears them. Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, That Gotti woman, Nicole Richie and her dog.
Yep, all weave. Perhaps, you are thinking 'well, these aren't exactly...ahem...quality names.' Well, Halle's curly mass of hair, any sighting of Whitney Houston after 1983, Michael Jackson, and Oprah. Yes, Oprah has a weave!!! She's has enough money to replace every part of her body. Don't be surprised her hair isn't real.

My parents came to this country to ensure that I could be anything I wanted to be. All this darn freedom and no one takes advantage of it! Think of it as an extention of my self esteem and not a demerit. Weave me alone! I weave because I'm happy and weave because I 'm free...I wrote this to vent and take up for 'B.

I got your back girl.
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  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Ha Ha Ha! S.C. the more I read your blog the more I think you are just soooo funny. You weave because your're happy, you weave because you're free?

  2. Renee2:52 PM

    Girl you know you are unbe-weavable putting beyonce on blast, like that. But I know how you feel about songs in the club though. How come I don't get props for a great personality or having real breasts?

  3. Icandy2:59 PM

    I just ran into your site and I swear you are so funny. But how are you taking up for beyonce with a picture of her posted on the internet. I must say that "how to lose a mate" post had me cracking up. Thanks for the laughs.

  4. shocked10:46 AM

    did you really have to put B out like that? pulling peoples tracks out could be conceived as a form of terrorism.

  5. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Oh! goodness. I beweave you!

  6. neka GP9:20 PM

    Darling i certainly feel you...although it was certainly a change to see Ms. B. a-natural. Kind of makes you appreciate the fantastic hairstylist she worked so hard to employee. But lets face it not all of us are blessed with tresses down our back, or some of us are just plain lazy and putting in that weave is just simplar than dealing with locks we have, whichever it simply comes down to chose. And if you choose to rock it...OWN IT..IT YOURS...BE PROUD...YOU PAID FOR IT!

  7. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Dawg...that be crazy callin out mys gyrl Beyonastce. Her weave cost alot mo' than anyone else i bets. Her tracks is an extenshion of her beautifulness and her enteligence. Whut most chicks dont be undastandin is that she is like Oprah but alot mo hotta. she may not have the badonkadizzle, but she got all else and that all that mattuh. ya dig?!?

  8. I see weave been paying attention to hollywood hair, have we? LOL! The more I read your blog, the more I laugh! And I SO need self-help tips from you, too.

  9. Anonymous5:43 PM

    U know what girl????????Whatever you do with your hair is art in its it weave,braids or dreads,fro or a simple perm!
    Do your thing girl,ain't no stopping you cos You are well worth it.Who dictates what's right or wrong in fashion anyway?

  10. u know who5:32 PM

    I bet Zuki Lui said your blonde weave was cute

  11. I've run from wearing a weave for 15 years and finally when these braids come out in the next month, the weave is going in.

    Was worried about who would say what, who would look at me like what, ---- whatevah.

    It's about what works for me and my schedule and my money and my mood.

    Go, Sincere. You maintain on point.

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